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Helping truck drivers live long and healthy lives!

What is Fit4Sleep? 

Fit4Sleep is a health, sleep, and well-being program and competition designed specifically for team truck drivers. Team truck driving involves shifting work hours, and a vibrating sleep environment that can make it difficult to get a restful night of sleep. That is why Fit4Sleep was created. By helping you choose a walking goal and stick to it, we hope that Fit4Sleep will help you sleep better, and that you will feel more energetic and healthy.

The team truck drivers in Fit4Sleep will select a walking goal and healthy sleep goals from the Fit4Sleep menu of options. The Fit4Sleep website will help you track your progress meeting your goals and will provide you feedback on you and our partner's status in the competition. You will also have 6 phone calls with a Fit4Sleep health coach who will help you acheive your goals, and online traning topics will teach you about the importance of sleep and the role of exercise.

Drivers can also set an optional weight loss goal, and receive weight tracking and diet training based on the successful SHIFT health program. SHIFT is the only weight loss program in the United States that has been proven to work for truck drivers. 

Watch Dr. Olson describe his research and the Fit4Sleep program in this short video. 

This Website

In addition to supporting the Fit4Sleep program, this website is meant to help ALL truck drivers find greater safety and health information. Please explore our links for valuable knowledge about living a long and healthy life on the road. 


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