Health and Safety Apps

There are a variety of smartphone and tablet apps that are designed to help people make healthy changes. This list contains apps for iOS and Android
users that we think might be particularly useful.

Health and Fitness Apps

Lose It! (free) (iOS) (Android)
Helps users make healthy choices by setting a daily calorie budget, tracking physical activity, and providing a calorie counting database. Allows users
to set goals and monitor progress.

Fooducate (free) (iOS) (Android)
Offers nutrition information for food products and allows users to scan barcodes while shopping to learn more about the nutrition of that product.

Instant Heart Rate (free) (iOS) (Android)
Uses a devices camera lens to read a user's heart rate, with technology similar to a clinical pulse oximeter.

Protracker Plus ($3.99) (iOS) (Not available on Android)
A food and nutrition points counting app to help you monitor food intake and lose weight.

Beeminder (free) (iOS) (Android)
An excellent app to help you set goals and stay on track. Users pledge an amount of their own money towards their goal, and if they don't stay on track they lose that money.

MapMyFitness (free) (iOS) (Android)
A collection of apps that map and store activities such as runs, hikes, and bike rides using GPS and provides access to a database of routes.

RunKeeper (free) (iOS) (Android)
A GPS based app for tracking runs, hikes, and bike rides that allows the user to view stats like pace, time, and distance. Allows users to share activities with a social network, and is integrated with several other health, fitness, and weight loss apps.

Fitocracy (free) (iOS) (Android)
Designed to help users increase motivation for exercise. Awards points, levels, and badges for achievements and allows fitness challenges between users.

JEFIT (free) (iOS) (Android)
A database of strength training and weightlifting exercises with workout logging capability and animations that demonstrate proper technique.

WebMD (free) (iOS) (Android)
Allows a user to check symptoms by selecting a part of the body, and gives information about potential conditions or issues. Also has first aid treatment tips.

Safety Apps
 (iOS only)

iAuditor (free) (iOS)
Used for job site inspections and other work applications. Allows the user to customize inspection criteria and score an inspection

Chemical Safety Data Sheets (ICSC) (free) (iOS)
Displays health and safety information for chemicals used in agriculture, factories, construction, and many other industries.

Decibel 10th (free) (iOS)
Works as a hand-held sound level meter.

Ergonomics (free) (iOS)
Allows users to set remiunders for standing up and taking breaks, provides equipment setup advice, and ideas for workplace exercises.

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemicals ($7.99) (iOS)

Basic industrial hygiene information to assist in recognizing and controlling occupational chemical hazards.